Does your dog bark all day?

Does he think “Heel” is just another noise you make?

Is he trying to dig his way out of your garden?

Does he use your house as a toilet?

Does he wreck your home when you leave him alone there?

Have you taken to walking him at the dead of night so he doesn’t attack other dogs or people?

Dogs are very sensitive to human behaviour. It is all too easy to make a problem worse if you don’t understand how your dog interprets the way you behave. I can help you understand how to relate to your dog in a way that makes sense to him or her.

All dogs are trainable, whatever their past. Training should be fun for your dog and ideally part of play time. Behaviour problems all have a root cause which can be dealt with.

The role of a dog’s owner is to apply clear rules and boundaries whilst offering love and security.

Whatever your issue with your pet; from choosing and bringing home your new puppy, to training and socialisation, to behaviour problems as an adult, I can help. I am a fully qualified pet behaviourist and dog psychologist and have worked with dogs all my life. F.I.D.O. can provide common sense guidance, proven positive techniques and support throughout the time you have with your dog to help you to achieve the harmonious relationship you dream of. We run specialised training courses for socialisation, obedience, resolving fear based aggression and for adolescents.

Based in the beautiful Wye Valley, Focussed Instruction for Dogs and Owners (F.I.D.O) covers South Wales, the South West and the Midlands.

As a full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association (MCFBA) my services conform to the high standards the CFBA demands from all their members. The CFBA only accepts members with a vast amount of practical experience combined with academic study.

Leading pet insurers in the UK allow policy holders to claim for consultations with full CFBA members. I work through referrals from veterinary surgeries as well as directly with dog owners.

I use only positive methods for training and rehabilitation in dogs. They learn so much better with encouragement, they enjoy the process and the learning lasts. No slip or choke collars, no physical corrections and no jerking on your dog’s lead.

“Helen takes a practical and doable approach to training your dog to respond positively to good behaviours and addressing the unwanted behaviours. If you are prepared to put in the time and effort to work with your dog following Helen’s advice you will end up with a lovely obedient and calm dog. Or in our post lady’s words “A miracle”.” R.Williamson

“From unruly puppy to responsive dog! Wonderful.”

“Totally changed the way I thought about dog behaviour and therefore has changed our relationship for the better and will lead to a very harmonious relationship”.