Going for walks

Going out for walks is what I love best of all, apart from eating, of course, but that’s what hunting’s about too isn’t it, going looking for food?  There’s nothing like coming in after a long walk and finding dinner’s waiting.

It’s not all hunting though. I do have to work some of the time. The boss attaches a lead to my neck and I have to think then. I’ve realised that if I pull on it we don’t go anywhere and also it’s not right to walk in front of the boss without permission so I keep looking at her as we go along to make sure I’m doing it right. When we’re out in the fields where I can smell the land and who’s been where, I don’t have to work too much and she gives me permission to run and sniff about as much as I like, but if we go where there are lots of people and smells and buildings I always have to work. I don’t mind though because quite often I find food on the ground and nobody can stop me grabbing that as I go by! I like wagging my tail at people too and they often stop then and talk to me, which I love.

I look forward to going out so much that I get really fed up if the boss doesn’t take me. I got so bored the other day that I ate my bed instead. It’s hard and chewy and kept me busy when the boss was obviously out having fun without me. She didn’t seem too pleased when she came home. The next time I was bored at home I found a rubber toy full of peanut butter near my bed. That was even better than bed chewing!

When we ‘re out I feel that I’m doing a good job when I walk beside my boss because she says nice things to me and takes me to interesting places. I can show her things too like the big holes I’ve dug under the oak tree in the field. It smells of moles and shrews and I keep inviting her to stick her head down and have a really good sniff. I don’t understand why she doesn’t seem to be very interested.

When we get home I am rubbed all over with a cloth and get to lie by the fire before dinner appears. If it wasn’t for that puppy jumping on me and swinging off my ears I’d say life is perfect!