“Ruby, who is a Labradoodle, and I have been attending Helen’s Puppy class for 8 weeks, which has not only been fun but so helpful in learning training tips and also learning about dog behaviour in general. We have been dog owners for the past 50 years so I thought I knew quite a lot about their behaviour, however Helen’s teaching has really helped me to understand more about Ruby’s behaviour and why she does certain things. One of the bonuses of the class was meeting other Puppy owners as well as the mixture of Puppies, which at times has been hilarious. The interaction with the other puppies has been so special, especially realising that all of them are a challenge at times and not just Ruby!!  Helen’s support and advice in and out of class has been so invaluable, knowing I can turn to her for help.  Ruby and I are looking forward to returning to the next level of class.”  Sue T, February 2022
“Having two boxers at different ages,
  1. 12-month boxer with confidence issues and recall, so I had one to one sessions for Bryn, which were fantastic value when you consider the after support and online support we had. It did take time, but the games and other advice worked a treat.
  2. Puppy Betsy, we again had one to one sessions due to COVID and again fantastic support, we also have started FIDO Puppy Club, great fun had by all.  I now have very confident happy pups 😊😊, with Helen’s ongoing support and knowledge. These packages are fantastic value and invaluable for us owners to give us the confidence with our best buddies . We do still have our moments , that’s the fun bit .A 5-star experience with the facilities Helen has at her premises.                    Also, as a great add on, Helen stocks Paleo Ridge raw food so a great local supplier and Helen has great nutritional knowledge for your pups.” D.J – Monmouth, June 2021

“I have just completed Helen’s advanced course for my one year old cockerpoo. It was really encouraging to see the progress we had made since the puppy classes, and to see how to build on things to progress further. We all had specific issues we were struggling with and it was very helpful to talk through potential solutions. As a first time dog owner I feel more confident since attending Helen’s courses”. CJ – Monmouth, August 2020

“We have a 6 year old female Golden Retriever and she had become very stubborn, choosing which commands to obey, was very territorial at home barking at all home visitors and jumping at and was becoming aggressive whilst on the leave towards certain dogs, which was affecting where we were taking her on walks. She was also very high maintenance when in our favourite pub which meant we were reluctant to take her with us as we would spend the time concentrating on her behaviour and stopping her going for other dogs in the pub – we needed help. Helen provided a clear assessment of our dogs issues on a home visit, explaining what was causing her to demonstrate these behaviours and this was followed up with a very comprehensive written report. There was no miracle cure and the emphasis is on the owners to work with your dog, but with a few simple changes in our behaviour, a month later and our dog has already changed for the better and is a lot more obedient and calm. Thanks to Helen’s advice we now have taken back control from our dog and are in charge. You can teach an old dog new tricks with Helen’s help! Jon and Dawn Aug 2019″We have been gaining confidence everyday, especially me, we can now walk past a few more dogs, well a lot more now… There are occasions when she does have a bad day but they are getting better.  We have also been walking with friends who have dogs too and although at the beginning she is a bit vocal and uptight she soon calms down once we start walking and after a while can walk along side the other dogs for periods of time, all dogs on leads at all times.  …  I am really working hard on my own confidence and taking control of the situation which seems to be helping Cadi a lot and I realise I should have done this sooner instead of Cadi having that responsibility, wish I had done this earlier for her…So would really like to thank you.” JanJ and Cadi, August 2019

“Just wanted to say a few ‘Thank You’s’. I’ve been meaning to e mail to say thank you for the agility courses, and for making them so much fun. I’m sure that Charlie absolutely loved them, and it was lovely for us, seeing how much he was enjoying himself. I was amazed at what he did. When we came originally I was only expecting him to do the jumps, I would never have believed he’d do the A frame, ‘plank’ and least of all the see-saw. Yet not only did he do them, he seemed to really relish them.

I also want to thank you for your work with Bear, and for the group walks. I’m sure the sessions we did at your place with Cookie and Arthur did a lot to restore his confidence, and the walks have been brilliant. It was wonderful yesterday to see him trotting along off the lead with the other dogs, even being jostled on times. I know he still has a way to go, but the improvement has been incredible.
It’s been so good for me to be able to question things and have them clarified, and explain any difficulties I might have, without being made to feel that I’m a totally useless dog owner, and that I’m wasting my time and everyone else’s. I can’t overstate how much I appreciate that.
So, a big ‘Thank You'”.
  • GE, Charlie and Bear, February 2019

“Our journey with Helen began when we got two 12 week old cocker spaniel pups, brother and sister. We soon realised we needed some advice. We wanted the best for a calm home and to make sure the pups were under control so we could enjoy having the two together.
Helen advised us straight away to train them separately so we quickly joined two separate training classes. We cannot thank Helen enough for the advice, training and guidance with regards commands, control and diet.
On top of training classes, Helen’s socialisation sessions are fantastic, an enjoyable afternoon for both the pups and adults. Our pups have become much more confident as a result of high quality sessions with Helen.
I would highly recommend Helen, she has been excellent and made our time with our pups very enjoyable and we look forward to keeping in contact with different courses in the near future. ”
Gem, Chris, Ted and Sci.

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for the utterly brilliant puppy socialisation course we completed recently.  It was so educational (for both the human and the puppy) and really enjoyable.  I learned a lot and it was great to meet other puppies and their humans and share the experience.  I was really impressed by your calm nature, you never once got ruffled despite all the yapping and barking (by the puppies and the humans!).” RM of Penallt

“I had been having a lot of problems trying to get our eight month old Springer Spaniel to walk on a lead or harness without pulling my arm out or choking herself.
Her concentration was zero and we really were getting no – where.
But with huge thanks to Helen Atton’s expert help and advice on lead training and perseverance by both Spaniel and owner, I now have a puppy who is a delight to take out on her lead.
What I particularly liked about Helen’s technique was the sympathetic, kind but firm approach to the training. No yanking of leads round dogs necks to bring them to heel for Helen!
Helen is to be highly recommended.”  LJ, April 2018

“Me, my dog called Finn and a women called Helen
I recall my first visit to Helen’s puppy training and socialisation course. First, Finn refused to get into my car, let alone put his lead on, then he refused to get out of the car. Once at the Village Hall he refused to walk into the hall. I  put my head around the door and asking for help.
Helen came out and took control.  Finn trotted in with her-no problem. Why then was I having so many problems with him?
The simple answer  I learnt over the coming weeks. IT WAS ME!
Helen taught us how to interact with our little bundles of pee and poo and the odd chewed slipper ,life became fun and
still remains so. Finn and I walk each morning across the fields into the woods, even in the snow, his recall is almost perfect
unless of course an insect takes his attention, but he is almost 99%. His lead training is not as good as it should be, but that’s work
I need to put in. Otherwise I have a great friend who is  is confident and great to be around. Not one day passes without he makes me
smile at his still very playful antics. “- J.O’Neill, Dec. 2017

“I got in touch with Helen earlier this year when my two year old black labrador Gwen starting reacting aggressively towards other dogs.
It was getting to the point where I had lost all confidence and walks were stressful as Gwen was unpredictable .
Helen’s expertise meant she could instantly see the problem , which was that Gwen was rather than being aggressive she was actually very nervous and Helen set about teaching my husband and I how to increase Gwen’s confidence (and ours!) with straight forward and calm methods . Her kind but firm approach worked brilliantly. We focused on the training Helen had taught us and within a couple of weeks Gwen’s was like a different dog! Helen also suggested attending her dog agility classes as a way to start introducing Gwen to other dogs in a safe and controlled environment.
Three months on Gwen is a much calmer and more confident dog – and she also LOVES the dog agility classes ..!
Gwen is now also taking part in group dog walks – something I never thought would be possible before I got in touch with Helen. Thank you Helen!” – Lisa, Llandogo, 2017

‘You and your course were highly recommended by other dog owners in the village and I must say you lived up to those recommendations. It can’t be easy to cover such a diverse group and still get the pace etc right but you managed it. We both enjoyed coming (Aggie got very excited as the course went on and she recognised where we were going!)  Although I’ve had dogs for a long time I learned a lot and understood some of the mistakes I had made in the past!  Thank you very much for your hard work, we are both looking forward to a follow up and perhaps agility?’ – L.Parker

“I was at my wits end with my dog as he obeyed only the commands that he wanted to and had started to be very possessive over food and toys. As I have young children I was really worried he might actually bite someone. Helen helped me to understand why he was doing this and showed us all how to make him be more obedient. He’s so much better with his food around us now and I reckon he’s happier too. It’s an ongoing job to get the children to treat him the way they should but they’re getting there and can now even walk him on the lead without him pulling. I’m really pleased.” Rosie T

“I am very pleased with the help I have had from Helen with our rescue dog Daisy.  Daisy has aggression issues due to fear of other dogs and people, which had led her to lunging and being aggressive with any dog or person approaching her, and running up and down the perimeter, of our boundary barking at anyone passing.  On a couple of occasions she had managed to get out and nipped trouser legs of people passing by. Our post lady had told us that she would have to stop delivering to us because of Daisy’s aggressive behaviour towards her. Eight weeks on following an hour of assessment of Daisy by Helen, phone contact and a comprehensive guide on how we should address Daisy’s behaviours. The same post lady is happy to come in through our gate and looks forward to Daisy coming up to greet her.  Helen takes a practical and doable approach to training your dog to respond positively to good behaviours and addressing the unwanted behaviours.  If you are prepared to put in the time and effort to work with your dog following Helen’s advice you will end up with a lovely obedient and calm dog.  Or in our post lady’s words “A miracle”.” R.Williamson

‘The F.I.D.O Training ad Socialisation course was very well presented and researched. I was given sound advice on the importance of establishing trust between my dog and myself, reasons why dogs behave as they do and hope to get my dog to trust and respect me. It was a very valuable and enjoyable course for me and my dog. Thank you Helen.’ Barbara Clarke

‘Found the course informative but fun – a real good mix of learning and socialising for the dogs. Helen is an excellent instructor who shows great ability, skill and most importantly, patience. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and would highly recommend the course to all dog owners – we are considering attending a further advanced course. Thank you Helen!’ Andrew, Stuart and Rufus

‘Both my dog (Holly) and I enjoyed the course and will benefit from Helen’s instruction. This is the first dog training course I have attended and found it very educational.’ Peter Vrettos

‘The course is a great introduction to basic dog training skills. There is a good mix of practical work and theory and the notes are a useful reminder of what has been covered. There was just the right number of dogs to get comfortable with and she is now much more confident around others. I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you!’

‘I enrolled Buzz on the course as he had shown some changes in his behaviour. He has responded well to the commands. The course has also been very beneficial to me and my family using techniques to help with his behaviour. Myself and Buzz were made to feel comfortable at the training classes. It has been great to see the improvements and I’ll continue training to make a happy Buzz and happy owner! With thanks.’ Liz Johnson

‘Really enjoyed the course (so did Daisy!) It was a good extension to the beginners’ programme and has improved Daisy’s obedience and skills considerably. It has helped her development and social skills. Course notes are also very helpful as they are a handy reference for continuation and development at home.’ The Dickens

‘I found the 8 week course exceeded my expectations. The group was a mix of dogs of different ages and experiences and helped to develop a calm approach to meeting and socialisation. Helen was very informative and obviously understands dog behaviour in a very detailed way. She explained issues and how to overcome them in a down to earth common sense way. Thoroughly recommended.’ Mel Royle

‘Rosie and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. So helpful to be taught the right way to teach a dog. Wonderful. Would recommend to everyone with a dog. So friendly.’ Pat Cullimore

‘This course is invaluable to any new dog owner or to anyone who has a concern with their dog’s behaviour. Helen is so helpful and knowledgeable and gives you the confidence to cope with any issue regarding your dog’s behaviour’.

‘Every dog is different and Helen tailors training and support to suit the dog as well as gently steering the owner in the right direction. The atmosphere is very safe, very supportive and all comers are welcome. My dog was the youngest and the most excitable but he made great progress regardless and we looked forward to the weekly classes; we were never made to feel he was a nuisance even when he had periods of losing all focus. I hope there will be further courses which we can join. I do feel the course and Helen’s brilliant understanding of dogs has significantly enhanced my relationship with and handling of my dog.’ Mary Watts

‘Worth every penny!’

‘You’ve taught us so much, thank you….Not only is Helen extremely knowledgeable, she also has the knack of communicating that knowledge in a simple and practical way which is easy to follow. She makes sure that the dogs and owners have fun yet the sessions are purposeful and well structured. Her excellent handouts consolidate what you’ve learned and are an invaluable resource.’

‘Well worthwhile course and now I have a calm, quiet and contented normal dog. I would highly recommend. Thanks again Helen.’

‘Helen Atton is an absolute genius and the best Dog Whisperer. Her brilliant knowledge and courses are superb, such friendly and brilliant class, fun, informative and really great. Thank you Helen for being such a lovely person and offering such a brilliant course. Jo and Lyn and little Lucy (who still gets distracted but can sit and lie down all thanks to you!)’ LH

‘A great course – I saw real development in both me and the dog! Now I have to keep it up. Helen was a patient teacher who had real empathy with both dogs and owners’.

‘Very worthwhile course. Helped us to understand the needs of our dog and how to deal with any issues. Thank you!’

‘Helen is great and takes no nonsense from the dogs. She always has a practical solution for behavioural problems and makes classes very fun – well worth it!’

‘Our new puppy, who was a gift, a wanted gift, proved to be a challenge.  Not only was she aggressive when meeting dogs, including frequently attacking our other dog, but she was also possessive over food and chewed everything in sight.   She was going to rule the roost unless we admitted we needed help. Just a few weeks later and we have a different dog.  All thanks to Helen , who responded quickly to our call for help by visiting us in our home within a few days to assess Meg.  She left us with some simple, practical advice. We then attended her 8 week obedience and socialisation class.  Upon entering the room Meg barked almost constantly and showed a good deal of aggression towards the other dogs.  Helen helped us to learn how to manage her behaviour simply and calmly.The classes were a revelation.  Meg developed over the next 8 weeks into a calm, playful, happy, more obedient dog, (the latter is work in progress, she is still only 9 months old after all), who is now able to follow all the basic commands.  More importantly for us she is able to meet other dogs calmly and is friendlier towards them.  She is less possessive over food and less likely to attack our other dog. The classes are friendly, relaxed an informal.  Nobody is made to feel inept.  A thoroughly enjoyable 8 weeks that really made a difference! Many thanks Helen. Money well spent!’ Sally B

‘FIDO – Fun, Informative, Directional, Obedience class.  Seth (my rescue greyhound) and I enjoyed every minute of this relaxed and friendly course.  Helen is very patient and understands every dog and owners’ needs.  Seth has learnt to interact with other dogs and I have learnt to relax with him.  We now have a closer bond and enjoy walks without him pulling like a train.   Thanks Helen for all your help’ –  Julie and Seth, Trelleck

“Helen helped me to teach my puppy to walk to heel. Her suggestions were clear and expertly chosen. Positive results were almost immediately apparent. The puppy seemed to enjoy the process of learning…and so did I! Helen’s expertise and professionalism instil confidence. Careful thought and observation underline everything she offers.” Alan, Hereford

“I just wanted to say a huge a thank you to Helen for all her help with my unbelievably excitable chocolate Labrador, Ella. Despite being fairly well trained and a very quick learner, Ella was starting to become incredibly stubborn and was developing some bad habits. Helen came and spent time with us at home and re-educated us around Ella’s behaviour and helped us try to get inside her own mind. We began a long process of reasserting Ella’s position at the bottom of the ‘pack’. It was difficult at first but we soon started to see a significant improvement in her behaviour in general. With Helen’s continued support via phone and email we were able to approach her with any concerns or questions we had and nothing was ever too much trouble. It was really helpful to understand why certain behaviours occurred to be able to put in place measures to control them. Ella is still progressing and it also obvious how much happier and more settled she is knowing her place in the pecking order! Helen has been a pleasure to work with and it is obvious that she has a real passion for the welfare and happiness of each dog she meets (and their owners!) I would recommend Helen’s services unreservedly and would like to thank her again for everything. I am now taking Ella along to the agility classes Helen runs each week; they are fantastic fun for all involved. Ella gets both mental and physical stimulation and it is greatly rewarding all round. Thanks again Helen – we are looking forward to the next hour of jumps and tunnels! –E.Dodsworth

“I’d been having inappropriate chewing issues with ‘Gracie’ my 3 year old Cocker Spaniel. Finally I decided to get the problem resolved once and for all as it had been going on for weeks and weeks. I’d heard about Helen through a good friend and contacted her. Helen explained to me why it was happening and showed me how to put changes into place in order to get the problem sorted out. Gracie’s habit is no longer an issue, and thanks to Helen’s advice, all is well again in our home. Thanks.” Clare, Rockfield

“As a first time dog owner I found Helen’s help invaluable when I got my puppy.  She gave me some sensible guidelines around how to introduce my pup to his new home environment and helped me establish ground rules which laid the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship with my dog. ” Sarah W, Monmouth

“A BIG Thank You Helen for offering so many handy tips and such good advice in the early stages with our Boxer, Sookie.  She is a wonderful and well behaved dog, your help has been invaluable!” Lorraine, Monmouth

“Thank you for your help with my new puppy Coco. We both really enjoyed the course! and look forward to practicing everything we have learned . We especially enjoyed the dog socialization time, and the notes you gave us explaining the dog psychology, worth every penny ! I have recommended you to several friends,” JW,Cross Ash

“It was very good to see the dogs progress over the course of just 8 weeks – and the owners!”

“Helen and Georgie are fantastic, at the start of the course my pups were unruly. By the end they were sitting, lying, walking and have enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you very much for your invaluable help and experience.”

“Totally changed the way I thought about dog behaviour and therefore has changed our relationship for the better and will lead to a very harmonious relationship.”

“Helen’s behaviour and obedience class was thoroughly enjoyed by my Jack Russell puppy and myself, the course allowed Rocky to interact and socialise with the other dogs whilst allowing me to learn about dogs and their behaviour. Helen taught the commands in a simple but effective way which made the whole thing enjoyable. Helen’s expertise was of great help and I would definitely recommend the course”. Rhian P Monmouth

“Helen has a very broad knowledge of dog behaviour. She is great at providing practical advice on how to socialise and train your puppy to ensure they develop into well behaved, obedient, happy dogs. Thank you from Nala and I”. Sally W

“The course helped to train us as well as the dog! It is aimed at dogs of any age and Helen’s wealth of knowledge and understanding made the course worthwhile. The dogs are always eager to get to the hall”.

“Great course, a must for all puppies. Our beagle couldn’t have done without it. Especially liked the offers of help after the course should we need it.”

“Fabulous general obedience course covering everything a young dog needs, including some good information on behaviour, social etiquette and general tips. Provides the opportunity for dogs to socialise and learn manners as well as how to behave with owners.”

“I cannot recommend this course strongly enough. All dogs who attended have improved substantially and I’m confident I can keep up the training with all the information I’ve gained. Meeting such lovely people and lovely dogs was just a bonus”

“Helen is great and takes no nonsense from the dogs. She always has a practical solution for behavioural problems and makes classes very fun – well worth it! ”

“All other training classes I have attended in the past have been just obedience or agility training. I found this course interesting and helpful having trained with a dog behaviourist as well as a dog trainer as you get the advice on the behaviours of dogs as well. Excellent training and very friendly. Help always available. Would definitely recommend.”

“This course has been so helpful learning about dog behaviour and having the confidence to know I can teach my dog basic skills – especially as this was the first dog I have ever owned. My dog is quite a nervous dog and this has helped his confidence so much.”

“This is a well-structured and extremely helpful course. I would strongly recommend it.” S.C.

“Simply the best!”

“I thought it was excellent in the various levels of training. Learning about the best ways to teach your dog. Overall I thought the course was very helpful and easy to understand. I would recommend to everyone.” A.R.

“Just a couple of lines to say how pleased I have been with the help and advice you gave me about how to work with Rosie. She was a fearful and unsettled dog following an unprovoked attack by another dog. She displayed aggressive tendencies to the extent that I was unhappy every time I took her out. Following your help and advice about the probable causes of this behaviour and how to work at improving it she has become much less fearful and I have become more confident. Whilst she isn’t the most affectionate of dogs it would be fair to say that we now both enjoy going for a walk and we are working towards having the quality time with other dogs that we are both looking for.” Peter Day.

“Totally changed the way I thought about dog behaviour and therefore has changed our relationship for the better and will lead to a very harmonious relationship”.

“Helen and Georgie are fantastic, at the start of the course my pups were unruly by the end they were sitting, lying, walking well. We have enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you very much for your valuable help and experience.”

“I would encourage anyone with a new puppy to go on the FIDO dog training course. It provides you with invaluable information to help train your dog and the confidence to keep it up!”

“I feel that I learnt as much as my dog on the course. I was so nervous of being around other dogs but learnt to view situations and react in the correct way to avoid conflict. Ralphy is now a confident dog who enjoys the company of other dogs.”

“My daughter and I were very inexperienced first time puppy owners when our 13 week old Beagle joined our family. A friend advised us to attend The FIDO Puppy Training Course.  What a good friend she turned out to be and what a fantastic trainer Helen is! At first we were quite daunted by the challenge, thinking that our pesky puppy would never learn all the obedience commands we were being taught.  But it wasn’t long before our puppy was responding and obeying our commands and clearly enjoying the praise she was getting from us.   As a result we feel really proud of her (and our) achievements. Helen’s knowledge, insight and friendly approach gave us the confidence we needed and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her as we participate in some more ‘advanced’ training. ” – E.W.

“From unruly puppy to responsive dog! Wonderful.”