Once your puppy is old enough to go out onto the streets or if you have an older dog who needs to learn some manners and new skills, I offer 8 week training and socialisation courses. These courses are open to both puppies and older dogs on the basis that they need to learn to get on with one another. The combination of training and socialisation in the classes gives owners the opportunity to learn how to train their dogs in social skills as well as basic commands, and their dogs make new friends and learn to focus on their owners in a distracting environment. We also sit down for discussions about dog psychology, behaviour issues, dog health, etc., and the dogs have to sit quietly too for a short while. Despite the disbelief of many owners at the beginning of the course, the majority of dogs learn to settle beautifully!

You will be given written notes at each session during the eight weeks and therefore will leave with a portfolio covering training the basic commands and how to communicate with and care for your dog.

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