Your home environment is where your puppy feels secure and best able to learn new skills. Training can and should begin as soon as your pup comes to you, however young he is. One to one training sessions will teach the basic skills he needs to become a happy and balanced member of your family. Sessions are tailored to give you the tools to continue positive training on an ongoing basis.

Socialisation is an important aspect of bringing up a dog and it can be a challenge before your puppy’s vaccination program allows you to take him out onto the streets. He needs to be exposed to as many of the sights and sounds he will encounter as an adult, as soon as possible. The younger the dog when he experiences new things, the easier he will find novelty as an adult.

I can help to expand your puppy’s experiences by bringing balanced dogs to the training sessions at which we can cover whatever commands you would like. A balanced adult dog can help your puppy to learn good manners and how to meet and play with other dogs.


-Adult  Dogs

Your dog is an individual and has his own character. His response to training is individual too. We bear this in mind when we introduce your dog to the commands he needs to master to become your ideal companion.

Training new commands works best in the calm of your home where your dog has the fewest distractions. I work to teach the necessary commands to a high standard before increasing the level of distraction you expect your dog to deal with. We then teach them to obey the commands outside the home.

Depending upon the character, breed and temperament of your dog, there are different ways we can approach training. All my training is based on motivating your dog in a positive way to obey you. Your dog should want to please you and I work out ways to make training fun in order to achieve this.