Follow on F.I.D.O Training

For those keen to continue training with their dogs and who enjoy keeping them stimulated with new experiences, I run ‘Follow On F.I.D.O’ training courses.

These are courses designed to reinforce basic training and to stretch dogs’ minds and bodies to include more challenging and off lead work. The classes do not aim for competition obedience, but good manners. The courses run for 8 weeks and written notes are offered at each class.

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F.I.D.O Fear Classes

The vast majority of aggression shown by dogs is based on fear. If your dog has not had the opportunity to socialise effectively when he was young or maybe has undergone disturbing experiences that have rocked his confidence it is not uncommon for him to start to react aggressively in self-defence. This sort of behaviour never disappears on its own. Sadly it usually gets worse and worse and that’s why I offer the F.I.D.O Fear Course.

This is a six week course limited to a few dogs designed to assist you and your reactive dog to learn to work together to build his confidence in spending time near what he fears, be it people or other dogs. All dogs attending this course will be visited and assessed by me in advance to ensure that they will benefit fully from the training. 

Please contact Helen if you would like to book a place on this course or find out more, on +447974 444082, or by email at [email protected].