We offer a range of services designed to support you throughout every stage in your dog’s life.

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COVID-19  Statement, please read

The following measures have been introduced in F.I.D.O for visiting clients:

– Minimum of 30 minute spacing between appointments

– Cleaning between each client/course session with an antiviral spray and disposable anti viral wipes

– Social distancing (within advised government guidelines)

– I am willing and able to wear a face mask / visor throughout if you wish – just let me know before you arrive. You may also wear one at any time during your consultation.

– There is a hand sanitiser station just inside the training hall, another inside and a third in the client lavatory.

Home visits:

I am happy to make home visits, will use a hand sanitiser before my arrival and will wear a mask/visor if you would like me to. Social distancing will be maintained inside your home and/or the consutation may be held outside under the same conditions. Please understand if I do not accept the offer of refreshments.

In advance of your visit to or from F.I.D.O:

– Please DO NOT visit or allow a visit if you have a high temperature, a new cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, or any other potential symptoms of the Coronavirus. Where possible, please take your temperature on the morning of your visit. For more information on potential symptoms, please see the Government guide to symptoms: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/

Please let me know via phone or text if you are unable to attend, ideally with 48 hours notice, though for both parties if symptoms develop that may be Covid-related, cancellation fees will not apply.

F.I.D.O Terms and Conditions

These T&Cs have been created in the interests of safety, responsibility and client welfare. F.I.D.O. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will take immediate effect and it is the responsibility of our clients to read these.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to UK law.

The contents contained in any quotation (verbal or written) and these Terms and Conditions form the agreement between F.I.D.O. and the client relating to the work undertaken. No variation of them will be binding to F.I.D.O. unless it is agreed in writing and signed by Helen Atton of F.I.D.O. Each clause of this Agreement is independent and operates separately in its own right.
By agreeing to these terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected.

F.I.D.O. stipulates that no aversive training methods shall be practised by the client on his dog(s) at any time during the period of time the course of training persisits.

1. Training Classes


Payment is required in full before attendance to a class. To ensure you are guaranteed a place on a course, it is advisable to pay by BACS or send a cheque as instructed in the course joining email. By so doing you are acknowledging that you are aware of our terms and conditions. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they arrive at the right venue and at the correct time.

We cannot guarantee a place on a course unless prior payment has been made via a bank transfer, cheque or cash. If you request a place on a course without payment  there is no guarantee that a space will be available on commencement of the course. We will endeavour to contact you when places are limited.

‘Training and Socialisation’ and ‘Follow On’ Courses:

We limit the number of dogs in our classes to provide the appropriate trainer to dog ratio. Booking in advance guarantees a place on our courses.

If you are concerned that your dog may be aggressive or overly nervous in the training course environment, please contact Helen to discuss a pre-course assessment. You must not knowingly book a dog that shows aggression or nervousness onto a training course, unless it is a specific course that is intended to address these issues. At the assessment, the decision will be made as to whether the dog will be permitted to attend the course. We reserve the right to remove dogs that are aggressive in class and alternative arrangements, such as one to one training, will be made with your agreement.

We are unable to refund course fees once the course has commenced and partial refunds for missed classes are not given. Please notify us beforehand if you will miss a class. If you have to miss a class for any reason you will still be provided with the written session notes for information.

Courses are NOT transferable. It is not possible to transfer onto another course unless you have advised us at least 4 days prior to the start of the course you have been booked on. If we are able to fill your space then we can offer a transfer to another course with no further cost. This will only be offered once. If we are unable to fill your space with less than 2 days’ notice, no refund or transfer will be given. 

When arriving at the training centre please avoid meeting other dogs on lead until instructed to do so. A significant part of the training revolves around dogs learning that social contact should always be under the control of their owners and also some dogs may react badly to being near other dogs when restrained on lead. Do not crowd doorways and allow plenty of room for a dog to enter and exit the hall if and when you are invited to work there. On arrival please enter the training yard and find a space with your dog at least 2 metres from others. Do not allow dogs to play together outside the venue before a class, as this can cause excitement, poor habits and a lack of attention during the session.

2. One to one classes and behaviour modification programmes:

Payment is required in full either before attendance or at each session for single sessions. For programmes of sessions, full payment is required in advance. It is simplest to pay by BACS or to send a cheque made payable to Helen Atton to Wonastow Mill, Mitchel Troy, Monmouthshire, NP25 4BD. By so doing you are acknowledging that you are aware of our terms and conditions. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they arrive at the right venue and at the correct time.


F.I.D.O. will create the agreed training timetable for the use of each client. The client may use the timetable only in its original form and only for its original use for the animal named and described within the work. Sessions and training are to be completed no onger than 4 weeks after the agreed programme duration.

Please be aware that the success of behaviour work cannot be guaranteed with any animal.

F.I.D.O. will create behaviour and training programmes to the specifications of the problems assessed at the first training session and will make amendments to the training and behaviour programme accordingly.

The training and behaviour programme is specific to the dog(s) that the programme has been designed for and should not be used in part or whole with any third party.

The client shall agree not to sell, destroy, deface, alter or part with work created by F.I.D.O. or permit it to be given or done so by any third party.
Amendments to programmes and training/classes may incur an additional charge beyond that of the original invoice.

All amendments must be agreed by both F.I.D.O. and the client.

F.I.D.O. reserves the right to refuse to provide service or create work at its own discretion.

Welfare and safety:

All dogs must be kept under the owner’s control and on a lead, except or unless specifically requested by an instructor. You are responsible for the conduct of your dog at all times.

We provide a safe and secure environment and endeavour to apply good practices with all our training services. We do what we can to run all classes in as safe and professional manner as possible. However, dog training is not without its risks, therefore participation in training and behaviour services is at the owner’s risk. F.I.D.O. cannot accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to any persons, or dogs attending a course, or to their property howsoever caused during the provision of dog training activities.

A toilet break before each class or session will ensure your dog is empty and comfortable. Please be a responsible dog owner and always clean up after your dog. Take home all used poo bags and do not leave these on the premises or outside in the car park.

For livelier, excitable dogs it can be beneficial to exercise your dog before class with a game or a short walk. Do not over-exercise your dog before a class otherwise they will be too tired. You might also like to restrict feeding before attending, to avoid car sickness in young dogs and to help your dog pay attention in class.

Please consider others in class and switch off your mobile phone. We ask that you do not hold conversations on your phone during a class. Photography or video recording is not permitted in class. We may occasionally record for promotional and training purposes, and your acceptance of these terms and conditions allows this, however please let us know if you do not wish to appear.

Please close all stock gates when driving through the premises to ensure the safety of livestock.

Owners are advised to have appropriate pet insurance cover that includes third party liability insurance. F.I.D.O. has public liability and relevant business insurance to run classes and provide behavioural counselling, providing adequate cover for our business liabilities.

Although we trust you find the information and guidance given interesting and informative, the contents of courses and handouts are for general information only. We believe the contents to be true and accurate as at the date of the session but can give no assurances or warranty regarding the accuracy, currency or applicability of any of the contents in relation to specific situations and particular circumstances.

Children in class:

We are more than happy to welcome family members to classes. It is valuable for the entire family to learn the training methods and commands used for their dog. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children are encouraged to behave appropriately in the presence of unfamiliar dogs and are requested not to run in class, or distract other dogs from working. For safety reasons it is advisable all children are educated in how to approach an unfamiliar dog. We do provide instruction in how to interact with an unfamiliar dog.

Young children may find it difficult to maintain their attention during classes. Please be aware of this before you come as distracted children can be a challenge to supervise. If you provide your children with entertainment during a class, please ensure it is quiet and will not distract the class.


Cancellations for a course that has been paid must be made with at least 48  hours’ notice. We are unable to refund course fees once the course has commenced. No refunds are given for non-attendance at a course.


The information offered and any treatment recommended results from F.I.D O.’s experience and personal views plus information offered by the client or person responsible for the animal(s) and or F.I.D.O.’s own conclusions resulting from personally gained evidence of the animal and the related behavioural problem.

Treatment plans will normally not be successful overnight. Success requires a good deal of patience and F.I.D.O. requests that clients and their families (if applicable), follow the instructions given daily in order to achieve the desired results. F.I.D.O. cannot guarantee that such programmes will be 100 % effective, as each animal is an individual case. Nor is it possible to foresee if another problem may arise as a result of the treatment. All programmes are specific to a particular animal and should not be tried on any pet other than the animal whose name appears on the information.

F.I.D.O. encourages clients to contact their veterinary surgeon prior to putting the actions into effect, if they are concerned about their dog’s health. By booking one of F.I.D.O.’s services, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Once booked and paid for, no refund is available.

F.I.D.O. reserves the right to cancel or change an appointment at any time by notice with immediate effect, without cause. By booking you will agree to keep the date and time of the consultations. If changes to the date and/or time need to be altered by you, then 48 hours’ notice will need to be given in order for re-booking to be possible


All material, both text and images included in documents are the property of F.I.D.O.

F.I.D.O. holds copyright of all work created.