I realise now that when it was just me here with the family, life was wonderfully simple. Sometimes I’d get a bone to chew and if I fancied it, I ate it, but if I didn’t I could keep it until the time was right. If I forgot about one it was fun to come across it another day. Actually, if the boss goes out, I often can’t manage to eat the bones she gives me anyway. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to be eating when she’s not around, but as soon as she comes back I really love to scoff them as fast as I can. My biggest dilemma used to be which end of the chewy bone I’d start at. Sadly, those days are long gone.

The trouble is that now Cookie and Boulmer are here, life is not so straightforward. They’re both terrible thieves and if I don’t want to chew my bone straight away one of them will grab it and set off with it. Cookie’s so fast that I can’t catch her and Boulmer is so greedy that it’s gone before I even have a chance to get it back. Before, I could chose whether or not to eat it, but now I can see that the others are so desperate to have mine as well as theirs I’ve got to have one too, or else it isn’t fair. This then leads to a problem. I don’t want to eat it, but if I put it down some thief will nab it. So I take it and then have trouble deciding what to do next. Usually I just sit there with it in my mouth as she leaves, worrying what to do next with Cookie and Boulmer salivating voraciously next to me…

I have finally hit upon the answer!

I take it into my box and sleep on top of it. Cookie often sleeps in the box next to mine and sometimes even tries to get in my box, especially when there’s a  bone in it with me, but I’m not that stupid and don’t budge. I know her game. When the boss comes home it does mean I have to stay there rather than get up and greet her, but at least when I do I can grab hold of the bone to show her I still have it and that I’ve not been overcome! Then, at last, I can eat it in peace. The other two try their hardest to look hungry (I’m certain Boulmer knows how to suck in his tummy, a trick I still haven’t mastered) and persuade the boss that they need another one but I’m glad to say that it’s never worked yet.