“Raw feeding for dogs is not a fad; it is the diet dogs evolved to thrive on […]”

There are 8.7 million known species of animal in our world and only two or three of those do not eat natural, unprocessed food on a regular basis. Those species are humans, cats and dogs and it’s no coincidence that the instances of disease in these three species is rising dramatically. 

We are all constantly reminded of the importance of a balanced, unprocessed natural diet to keep us well so why should our pets be deprived of the benefits of healthy nutrition?

Raw feeding for dogs is not a fad; it is the diet dogs evolved to thrive on and when looked at in perspective, the processed foods that have become so popular over recent decades can be recognised as the faddy foods.

Some of the observed health benefits associated with a species-appropriate diet are:

  • Superior joint and bone health
  • Fewer allergies
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved skin and softer, shinier coat
  • Healthier teeth, gums and fresher breath
  • Reduced stool volume, less gas and odour
  • Enhanced reproductive health
  • Longer, healthier lives
  • Reduced body odour
  • Increased resilience to parasites via enhanced immune function
  • Loss of excess weight, improved energy levels and greater muscle strength.

For owners, the biggest benefit is to see their dogs looking well and happy, but reduced veterinary bills, easy to collect poo and sweeter smelling doggy companions are all welcome!

F.I.D.O. is now offering high quality, complete raw meals and healthy treats for dogs and cats. Please download our price list (see below) and don’t hesitate to contact Helen if you would like more information. Place your order in advance for collection or come and visit us in Mitchel Troy to browse our product range.

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We are open from 10 am to 4.30 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and any other time by appointment.

We currently stock the following brands:

Paleo Ridge – who received the Ethical Award by The Ethical Company Organisation and was voted Britain’s Best Raw Dog Food as well as Most Trusted Brand, and Most Welcoming to New Customers in Dogs Today magazine in 2018. All their products are packaged individually and in bulk, in environmentally friendly biodegradeable packaging. https://paleoridgeraw.uk/ Or see https://www.petbusinessworld.co.uk/news/feed/industry-profile–paleo-ridge—–raw-rules-the-waves .

Kiezebrink – “A central theme at KB RAW is “transparency”. This means that all ingredients and their percentages, are specified on their packaging.” Kiezebrink started the production of raw frozen food for cats and dogs in 2009: see https://www.kbraw.eu/en/over/.

Just Natural – “is synonymous with first-class raw petfoods. Just Natural is 100% as nature intended. There are no additives, preservatives, bulking agents, E numbers and chemicals typically found in processed petfoods. All their foods meet stringent manufacturing quality and veterinary standards and all their raw materials are human grade, sourced from EEC approved abattoirs and cutting plants. We always aim high for your beloved pets, and we never miss!” https://www.just-natural.co.uk/our-range

Furry Feasts is a DEFRA approved suppler of complete raw dog foods, currently working towards organic status. Their stated mission is ‘ to provide dogs and cats with the essential minerals and proteins they need for an active, healthy lifestyle. We will do this by providing low cost fresh human grade ingredients with no added cereals, just raw fresh meat as they would eat in the wild.https://www.furryfeasts.co.uk/