The Chocolate Log

Something was about to happen! I can always tell. Everyone was buzzing about acting differently from normal. The boss had less time for me than usual, shot from room to room with noisy machines and carried stuff around, arranging objects and putting things away.  She was making some wonderful food smells so I reckoned that meant that people were going to come here to help her to eat it all. It’s such a shame she doesn’t understand what I try to tell her. I’m perfectly capable of eating anything she can make and certainly don’t need other humans to help out.

The aromas of turkey, butter, pastry, sugar, onions and so many more delicious scents were filling the house so much that I could hardly bear it and I started drooling. I just couldn’t help it and the other two were just as bad. Cookie’s plan was to get underfoot as much as possible in the kitchen to see if she could trip someone up to get the food they were carrying and Boulmer took to following the boss around. The boss shut them both in the sitting room. I, however, know that the best way is just to be patient. The food will fall on the floor eventually, and I will be there when it does!

After several hours during which excitement was mounting all the time, the humans changed their fur as they do sometimes and became different colours. Then they stopped rushing around. Harry was asked to take a big dish into the sitting room. The boss said it was a log but it smelled deliciously of chocolate. A minute or two later she walked in there herself and I heard her yelling really loudly at Boulmer. I was frightened and ran to my bed. He shot out of the sitting room door into the kitchen and I could see chocolate all round his muzzle. The boss flew in after him sort of wailing and carrying the large dish, which now only had crumbs on it. Personally, I wouldn’t have dared eat it if I was told not to but it smelled so good I wish I could have, and Boulmer certainly looked happy. That is, he did until he threw it all up on the kitchen floor, together with a little model reindeer and a Santa Claus in a hat.

People had started arriving at the house by then and the humans seemed so busy welcoming their friends that I didn’t think anyone would be looking. That log smelled so good and I was going to get some after all! I trotted over to it and was just about to slurp up a big mouthful when I heard my name in a loud sharp voice and a cry of ‘No!’ from the boss who was waving her arms about with a horrified look on her face. Shame, I had really wanted it. So instead I sat down and gave her my most pleading and hungry look. It sort of worked as I at least got a biscuit.

I was right about the rest of the food too. There was plenty of turkey and other goodies falling to the floor all around the guests when I took my time to investigate. It was altogether a good day.