Pixel’s final blog – The Chicken

The stairs are definitely getting steeper at home. It takes me so much longer than it used to, to climb them. I have to rest every now and then before I get to the top. If I worry that I won’t be able to do it I bark until the boss turns up and she gives me a helping hand. There’s always an answer to any problem!

What I am finding confusing is that when she looks at me her mouth moves and I often can’t hear what she’s saying. Unless she’s moving about she’s difficult to spot as well. Odd that, still when she waves her arms around in signals she can still make herself understood so it’s OK. I really do try hard to remember to do what I’m told and I wait at doorways til I’m absolutely sure I’m allowed as that’s always something I’ve done really well. Sometimes she comes up behind me and tells me to go through a door and when I do, I realise that she didn’t even want to go there herself.

I love it when I know I’m a good dog. It makes me feel warm and happy. Sometimes though, I really don’t want to do things any more. I don’t fancy going out in the car now. My legs ache and it’s such an effort to get into it. I’d rather not be lifted as I know I should be able to jump in, and it’s a bumpy ride. Not so long ago though, I remember that I was put in the car and we all went to the place where there is masses of moving water and lots of fish smells. It was wonderful to sniff along and get my feet wet in the sand. We walked and walked. I was so tired after a while that my legs wouldn’t work anymore and I sat down for a rest. I was afraid they’d leave me behind. I didn’t need to worry though.  Everyone else sat down too until I felt ready to carry on. Oddly the boss seemed a bit sad sitting there but she wasn’t cross.

I’m more than happy to just wander out into the garden from time to time or sniff around in the field where the other dogs have been.

My favourite thing to do is to sleep. When I’m asleep I run and run. I chase rabbits and chickens and roll in so many exciting smells. Something in my dreams wants me to stay there but when I hear my humans’ voices I wake up again to my stiff legs and even if it’s a struggle I always try to please them.

I’m so tired today, my legs hurt a lot and my skin is really sore and lumpy. The boss seems to know what to do and has been massaging and stroking me for ages. I want to stay close to her and be loved. Somehow, I don’t feel secure any more when she leaves me alone. Next to her is where I belong and when she touches me I’m safe and everything’s OK.

Some visitors come in and I try to get up to say Hello but she strokes me til I lie down again. Everyone is murmuring in calming voices and petting me. Someone rubs my legs and I feel a little pain briefly. I feel very sleepy and drift into a dream listening to how I’m a good dog. The sleep becomes deeper and deeper. Then an amazing feeling creeps over me. For the first time in an age I feel I’m capable of doing anything I want. The smell and sounds of feathery, squawking chickens fill my nose and head and I leap up to chase after them. Looking back, I can see my old body lying in my bed with my family around it, sadly watching me. How odd. I’m not there, I’m out here! Don’t worry about me. I’ll be there when you need me but I just have to finally corner that pesky chicken.