Hospital visiting

When the special collar, lead and jacket come out I know I’m going to have a good day! We always go without Cookie and sit in the noisy, small moving room for a while. The place we go to has lots of corridors and doors and is very big. It smells of so many things, mainly chemicals and people, some of whom smell unwell. I haven’t smelled any other dogs there yet though. I’ve always liked being around people more than other dogs anyway so that’s fine by me.

We always go to visit the same lady, who greets me with a lot of chatter, a pat and a bowl of water. Then we walk a long way down corridors and stairs until we reach all the beds. Sometimes the boss doesn’t remember which way to go but I can always smell the right way.

We go up to every bed and the boss talks to the lady lying in it. They nearly all have grey hair and smell sad. Some of them smell ill as well. They usually talk to me and pet me but some stay asleep. Occasionally they don’t seem to realise I’m there, or say things to me that I don’t understand but it’s OK because I don’t mind what they say.  I wag my tail when they touch me and sniff around to see if they have anything to eat. Usually as well as a stroke I get a little treat from them so I’m quite happy to stand and smile at them as long as they like. The other day one lady started to cry and I licked away the tears until she laughed. She didn’t want me to leave that day. One really nice lady sat down on the floor when she saw me coming so she could cuddle me better. She got very cross when younger ladies rushed up to pick her up. We were quite happy there and she didn’t want to go away! We sometimes stop to talk to people walking around as well and I really enjoy all the attention.

I’ve worked out that it’s usually the ones with grey hair who give me food so I make sure I go up to all of them. For some reason the boss doesn’t like me doing it when we’re out in the street, but I see no reason why grey haired people outside wouldn’t be just as nice to me!