Cookie’s Arrival – Pixel’s thoughts

Big changes are happening here. The whole pack went out in the moving kennel yesterday and arrived at a place that smelt so much of dogs I felt a little overwhelmed so they left me outside while they went in. Soon the boss came out and put my lead on me so I knew I had to go with her and we headed into the house. I couldn’t see them but there’d been at least 5 dogs there and I had a good sniff round to find out about them. When I looked up a human had brought in a tiny dog which rolled up to me and wagged its tail. It smelled really young and when it started to lick my face I realised it was a puppy. I don’t normally like puppies much. The boss takes me to see quite a few and they jump up and bite me, hang off my ears and generally annoy me until I snarl at them to teach them some manners. This one wasn’t too bad though and didn’t jump at me when we greeted one another. I got bored after it had chewed my tail a bit and I carried on sniffing. The puppy was more interested in eating door handles than anything else and I sat down and waited for the boss to stop talking and get on with something interesting. Finally we headed out of the door back to the moving kennel but I soon realised that the puppy was coming with us! It stayed at the back whimpering and making a smelly mess whilst I lay in my nice safe den under legs at the front. I soon fell asleep.

At home I wandered off for a pee only to feel a soft but hard weight crashing into my back legs. It was still here! I made a really thorough check this time and realised it was a she. She kept leaping on me and charging round in circles. I can do that too and better than her, so I showed her how fast I can be and dared her to catch me. It was fun, although I had to be careful not to tread on her too hard.

Last night she slept in a cage thing in the same room as me. I know she wanted to be with me to keep warm but it’s my bed and I don’t want to end up losing it so I’m glad the boss did that. She was next to me though, so I could sniff her when she whined.

I don’t know how long she’s staying but it’s good fun. She’ll have to learn some manners though. I’m not having her jump up on my back or take my food. I can’t work out if she thinks the cats are dogs or there for her to eat. We’ll see.