Cookie is a pest!

It’s all very well having another dog about the house and I do like Cookie, but the trouble is she’s so young! Her energy is exhausting and it seems I’ve been given the job of teaching her manners. She does insist on jumping up onto me a lot, chewing my ears and gnawing at my legs. Because she’s young I put up with the way she behaves and I certainly wouldn’t let an adult dog treat me like this. It gets exhausting though. As she’s always here I’ve sort of gotten used to it but it’s tiring. She gets a bit excessive sometimes and I’m glad to say the boss takes her away when I’ve really had enough. If she didn’t live here I’d be more aggressive with her but as it is she gets away with all sorts from me. It got to the point the other week when she chewed my ear so much it got infected and I ended up with excema for a while. It was so painful!

Cookie kept away from me when I was sore as she could smell that I wasn’t well, so at least I recovered OK and really fast, but the boss is even more careful now to stop her when she gets too much. Once she’s fully grown I won’t take any nonsense from her and I’ll give as good as I get if she gets rowdy. I know she didn’t mean it though and we’re still good friends, when she’s asleep!