A Visit to the Vet

She forgot to feed me this morning. I think she can’t have realised that I was in the sitting room and she fed Cookie in the kitchen. I could hear what was going on though, and smell it. It was chicken too. I kept trying to remind her but she didn’t seem to understand.

I did get to go out with the boss on my own though. I love it.  It means I get all her attention and Cookie isn’t bouncing around all the time and getting in between me and her. Cookie’s all right but it’s good to have a break from her games because I get tired of being chewed.

Sometimes we’ll go for a walk or maybe to visit friends or lots of people in beds. This time though she took me to a place I really don’t like much. It smells of nasty chemicals and fear and all the animals I meet there don’t want to be there. It wasn’t long ago that we were here before and I didn’t like it then either although it wasn’t too bad as I was prodded and stroked for a while and then we came home again. I reckon I’m safe with the boss although I do ask all the time if we can leave. The people there are nice to me but I suddenly remembered that as well as prodding and stroking me, they sometimes stick sharp things in me and have even locked me in a cage away from my family.  I don’t like it and I don’t understand why they do it.

When we arrived a man fiddled about with my eye. I wished he’d stop as it’s very sore and there seems to be a lump in it stopping me seeing properly. Then he took my lead and talked in a friendly way to me while he led me out of the room. I didn’t notice that the boss wasn’t there until the door had shut behind me. There were so many different smells of animals and people I was a bit overwhelmed, but I soon starting sorting them out. There was a bitch and a young dog somewhere, at least two cats and six people. Before I’d had a chance to investigate it all I was put into a cage, again! I didn’t expect that and I hated it the last time so I barked at them to ask to be let out but they just walked away. Why doesn’t the boss come when I call her? I’m a bit frightened although everyone around me seems to think it’s OK.

Not long after that I was finally let out by a really calm person and I headed for the door. She pulled me back and we went into another room where she talked to me gently some more, stroked me and then I felt a little pain. I felt so sleepy I just had to lie down there and then. I must be getting old.

The next thing I knew, I was back in the cage and feeling very wobbly. I don’t remember what had happened but my eye felt different.  It was still sore but no worse than before and I was so sleepy I forgot about it and curled up. When I woke up I was starving. Doesn’t anyone realise how hungry I am? Where’s the boss? Why am I still here?

I started to whimper for my boss but she didn’t come. One of the calm people came up to me and talked for a while. She gave me some water, a cuddle and a measly mouthful of something. It was better than nothing so I scoffed it but it wasn’t enough. I feel so tired. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

At last the door was opened and the calm lady led me out of the cage. My back legs didn’t seem to be working very well and I nearly fell over so I stuck them far apart as I walked and that did the trick. We went down a corridor and I realised I could smell the boss! She’d come for me at last, thank goodness! And then there she was. I know I’m not supposed to jump up but I was so relieved I couldn’t help trying, but I nearly fell over again so I wagged my tail instead.  I was so happy to see her and to know everything was all right. As soon as she held my lead I staggered for the door. I’m not staying here a moment longer than I have to.

All the way home I stared at her to make sure she was still there. It was hard as my eyes kept closing but she didn’t leave me again and soon we were back at home. Getting up the steps to the door was a bit of a challenge but once I made it into the house all I had to do was get to my bed and the food bowl next to it.

All I want to do now is catch up on my food and sleep. I wonder what’s for dinner?