A doggy day at the seaside

We were in the noisy, smelly kennel for a long time today and arrived where there were amazing smells, lots of wind and vast amounts of water moving in rolls towards us and away again. The boss let us run wherever we wanted to and I dashed about looking for where the really delicious fishy smells were coming from. As I ran, I could feel the ground giving way with every step and water appearing in my footsteps. I wonder what’s down there?  I started to dig. It was so easy, and the ground flew about all around me. The boss obviously thought it was a good idea as she encouraged me, so I kept going and going. Had to snort sometimes as the stuff went up my nose, and the hole kept filling up with water but I was sure I could smell something good so I kept going. In the end I had to blow bubbles to check out the bottom of the hole and they made me sneeze, so I decided it was time to move on.

Cookie was running up and down in front of the moving water, not daring to get herself wet although I know she likes to swim in the river.

I remember when I was young like her. I was a bit afraid of moving rolls of water and didn’t want to go far enough into them to have them hit me, although I love swimming. When the boss threw a stick out there though, I just couldn’t help going to get it, so I jumped over all those rolls of water as they were in my way. The trouble was, they got higher and higher and I can’t jump that high, so I had to turn back. Eventually the boss came up to where I was and waved a stick about until I got really excited about it and then she threw it further out. I leapt after it and realised that I could actually push through the rolls and they didn’t hurt. That made it so much more fun because I could swim out and catch the sticks to bring them back.

I watched Cookie standing by the rolls of water and thought, ‘What is she waiting for?!’ The boss has just thrown a stick and normally she beats me to it as she’s so fast. This time I dashed past her and won easily. As I swam back she tried to grab it from me but I’m bigger than her and kept my head up, so she couldn’t reach. At last I’ve found somewhere I can win at retrieving!  I screeched to a halt by the boss and waited expectantly for her to throw it again. Away it went, high into the air and out beyond several rolls of water. I knew it was mine and shot after it. The next thing I knew, Cookie was leaping in front of me and she swam so fast she reached it first. No! she’s worked out that the rolls aren’t solid. Darn! What am I going to fetch now?

Wait a minute, another stick has just splashed into the water over there out of nowhere. Perhaps the boss would like that one. I grabbed it and rushed to her on the soggy ground to find that Cookie was already there with hers. We both got a treat so I’m happy, and then we headed off to explore pools and hunt for fish and crabs. I was really glad when we went back to the noisy smelly kennel and found the boss had brought water to drink. I was so thirsty as it’s almost impossible not to swallow a little bit of the rolling water. I remember drinking lots once before at the seaside and it made me very sick, so I won’t be doing that again.

I had a lovely sleep on the way home, dreaming of flying over the rolling water chasing leaping crabs. A good day.