Why do dogs chew and why do they always seem to choose your best shoes, sunglasses or gloves? It could be that your young dog is teething, or using his teeth to explore his surroundings. He may be bored, hungry or plain greedy and it could have just become a habit. Your dog will prefer […]

The Sit command

With your dog facing you, stand still and give the command ‘Sit’. Have a treat or favourite toy in your hand and after a second, move it towards and slightly above his head and over towards his back, so he’s forced to look up at it. His bottom should automatically descend to the floor. Congratulate […]

The Recall

Training your dog to come when it’s called is one of the most important things you can do for her, and for your peace of mind, but arguably one of the most difficult to achieve properly. It’s one thing reinforcing a command when your dog is next to you, but competing with the exciting smells […]

Desensitisation and Counterconditioning

Desensitisation and Counter-conditioning are behavioural training techniques which can be very valuable in helping dogs to deal with situations they find stressful, such as loud noises or worrying objects. Desensitisation The goal of desensitisation is to eliminate or reduce the exaggerated, emotional reaction that a dog has to a specific thing or noise. Systematic desensitisation […]